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Work in Progress

[--] Groeskamp, S., R. P. Abernathey, C. Whalen, C. de Lavergne and S. Legg:

On global water mass transformation rates and sea level rise due to net changes in density due to air-sea fluxes and mixing, including effects of a nonlinear equation of state.

Submitted Papers


[...] J. H. LaCasce and S. Groeskamp

      The oceanic deformation radius over bathymetry

      Geophysical Research Letters

[...] A. Aldama-Campino, F. Fransner, M. Ödalen, S. Groeskamp, A.Yool, K. Döös and J. Nycander

      Meridional Ocean Carbon Transport

      Global Biogeochemical Cycles

[...] Groeskamp, S., J. Kjellsson

NEED: The Northern European Enclosure Dam for when climate change mitigation fails


In Press and Published Papers

2019 - Groeskamp, S., C. de Lavergne, R. Holmes, V. Tamsitt, I. Frenger, C. C. Chapman, E. Newsom, G.J. Stanley:

[14]     Climate recorded in seawater: A workshop on water-mass transformation analysis for ocean and climate studies.

   Meeting Summary, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (pdf)

2019 - Groeskamp, S., P. M. Barker, T. J. McDougall, R. P. Abernathey, S. M. Griffies:

[13]     VENM An algorithm to accurately calculate neutral slopes and gradients.

   Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems (pdfPlain Language Summary).

2019 - Groeskamp, S., S. M. Griffies, D. Iudicone, R. Marsh, A. G. Nurser and J. D. Zika:

[12]     The Water Mass Transformation Framework for Ocean Physics and Biogeochemistry.

   Annual Review of Marine Science, (pdfPlain Language Summary)

2018 - Groeskamp, S., D. Iudicone:

[11]     The effect of air-sea flux products, Short Wave Radiation Depth Penetration and Albedo on the Upper Ocean Overturning Circulation.

   Geophysical Research Letters (pdfPlain Language Summary).

2018 - Groeskamp, S.:

[10]     Translating Uphill Cycling into a Head-Wind and Vice Versa.

   Journal of Science and Cycling (pdfmore, Plain Language Summary, Alpe d'Huez)

2017 - McDougall, T. J., S. Groeskamp, and S. M. Griffies:

[09]     Comment on Tailleux, "R. Neutrality versus Materiality: A Thermodynamic Theory of Neutral Surfaces".

   Fluids (pdf).

2017 - Groeskamp, S., B. M. Sloyan, J. D. Zika, and T. J. McDougall:

[08]     Mixing Inferred from an ocean hydrography and surface fluxes.

   Journal of Physical Oceanography (pdf, Plain Language Summary).

2016 - Groeskamp, S., A. Lenton, R. J. Matear, B. M. Sloyan, and C. Langlais:

[07]     Anthropogenic Carbon in the Ocean, Surface to Interior Connections.

   Global Biogeochemical Cycles (pdf, Plain Language Summary).

2016 - Groeskamp, S., R. P. Abernathey, A. Klocker:

[06]     Water Mass Transformation by Cabbeling and Thermobaricity.

   Geophysical Research Letters (pdf, Plain Language Summary).


2014 - Groeskamp, S., J. D. Zika, T. J. McDougall, B. M. Sloyan, and P. McIntosh:

[05]     A thermohaline inverse method for estimating diathermohaline circulation and mixing.

   Journal of Physical Oceanography (pdf, Plain Language Summary).

2014 - McDougall, T. J., S. Groeskamp, and S. M. Griffies:

[04]     On geometrical aspects of interior ocean mixing.

   Journal of Physical Oceanography (pdf, Plain Language Summary).

2014 - Groeskamp, S., J. D. Zika, T. J. McDougall, B. M. Sloyan, and F. Laliberte:

[03]     The representation of ocean circulation and variability in thermodynamic coordinates.

            Journal of Physical Oceanography (pdf, Plain Language Summary).

2012 - Groeskamp, S., L. R. M. Maas:

[02]     Ship-borne contour integration for flux determination.

   Journal of Sea Research (pdf, Plain Language Summary).


2011 - Groeskamp, S., J. J. Nauw, and L. R. M. Maas:

[01]     Observations of estuarine circulation and solitary internal waves in a highly energetic tidal channel.

   Ocean Dynamics (pdf, Plain Language Summary).



Masters and Ph.D. thesis


     Groeskamp, S. (2015):

Diagnosing the Relation between ocean circulation, mixing and water-mass transformation from an ocean hydrography and air-sea fluxes.

University of Tasmania (pdf).


     Groeskamp, S. (2011):

Solitary Internal Waves in the Marsdiep Tidal Channel. Using ADCP measurements.

Utrecht University (pdf).




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