Science Outreach

Public speaking

For companies, non-academic institutions, schools, and more.


Interviews for Radio, TV, Newspapers and an opinion piece.


A Theater show with Dutch comedian Patrick Nederkoorn


Scientific Conferences

Public outreach can be an important tool to create awareness of for example climate related issues, and lead to larger public support for the related science that is required. Because public outreach can be fun and useful and is often required as a component for a scientific research proposal, public outreach is becoming a bigger part of scientists their jobs.


Arts and science collaborations provide one way to achieve public outreach. If you require a public outreach component in a proposal or want to have an alternative way to explain your scientific research to a more general crowd, my wife Malou Zuidema can help. She is an illustrator/teacher/artist who has a lot of experience collaborating with scientist to help translate their science into stop-motion animations or other forms of art. Check out her website for more information.

I like to take on the challenge to explain my science to an audience other than scientists. I've enjoyed doing this during 'open days' and my public Ph.D. presentation. This is something I enjoy doing, so please feel free to contact about science outreach opportunities.

Above is an example of an Arts and Science Outreach collaboration; a stop motion animation that explains how scientists measure the ocean using ARGO floats. Arts: Malou Zuidema. Science: Esmee van Wijk (CSIRO)